Calling Johnny 27 LENNON TRIBUTE
TOMMY T & HIS IMAGINARY BAND: Written Produced & Recorded by Tom Trefethen. Remora Recording 100% Analog On Tape
TRIBUTE SONG & VIDEO: For this year, the 27th Anniversary: Imagine you have a device capable of crossing Space & Time...Who would you call? We're CALLING JOHNNY
MUSICIANS: Tom Trfethen, Rex Bailey, Brian Asher, Terri Lee Holm, Paul Glawson
SPECIAL GUESTS: Ambrosia's Joe Puerta & Christopher North, Jon Gries as the 'Radio Operator'
Lennon Tribute Music Video
Calling Johnny Art
Tesla's Greatest Invention Just Disappeared
VIDEO PRODUCTION: Featuring TOMMY T & HIS IMAGINARY BAND Filmed@ Boso Flats Museum of Silence & Industry TOM TREFETHEN-Song, Story and Sets  TINA TREFETHEN-Cameras, etc..
PLAYERS: 1 /// TOM TREFETHEN- Calling Johhny 2 /// JODI CLINE-The Controller 3 /// MARISSA RUAZOL-Percussion 4 /// MELISSA GRAINER-Dums 5 /// BRIGETTE VILICICH-Keyboards
PLAYERS: 6. Hannah Dorsey-Strings 7. Nikki Dorsey-Bass Strings 8. Lauren Storm-Seance Pilot
PLUS: 9. Hanae Nakamura 10. Michelle Olaya
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FROM TOP LEFT /// Lauren,Jodi, Marissa, Hannah, Nikki, Melissa, Melissa, Hannah, Niki, Lauren, Brigette, Marissa, Melissa, Nikki, Michelle, Hannae, Jodi, Tom
TANKS ALOT: Great Nieces, Family, Friends
VIDEO CASTING /// Toomas Bleaume'  "Thank you for the music, bye-bye."
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