Johnny's Gone Away 26-Tribute Story
Toomas Bleaume Tom Trefethen Paul Glawson
TerriLee Christopher North Blue Toad Flax
Jon Gries Dave Glawson Alan Parsons
26th Anniversary Johnny's Gone Away Tribute Players 1-9
Joe Puerta The Ends Burleigh Drummond
Burleigh Drummond John Would Brian Asher
Rex Baily DbTravis Mike Guerro
26th Anniversary Johnny's Gone Away Tribute Players 10-18
Ken's Sax Mike O Tina Trefethen recording the Trefethen album circa 1976
Tina Trefethen at 25th Lennon Tribute Performance Spiritual Advisor to Toomas Toomas
Descriptions of Johnny's Gone Away 26th Tribute Players 19-24
%7-&5-&0 From Around The Globe!
Toomas: click to enlarge

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